Appearing in "Witches' Tide"Edit

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Synopsis for "Witches' Tide"Edit

A group of sea beasts are attacking people in a small town. The townsfolk think the daughter of an admitted witch is luring the beasts to the town, so they kill her and burn her corpse. But it ends up that she was actually attempting to keep the beasts away from the town, and with her dead, the beasts are quickly able to overrun the town.

Appearing in "It that Lurks!"Edit

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Synopsis for "It that Lurks!"Edit

A pair of men encounter a dinosaur lurking in quicksand in the deep jungle. They shoot it with tranquilizer darts only for it to submerge under the quicksand. One of the men, seeking glory heads in the quicksand after it and is killed. The other man is about to depart when he sees his wife in the quicksand and also heads in, to his death. It ends up neither the dinosaur or the man's wife were ever truly there, but actually were generated as a trap (that which the victim wanted the most) by the quicksand.

Appearing in "Hitchhike Horror!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Hitchhike Horror!"Edit

This story is about a man who picks up a hitchhiker and soon after hears news on the radio about a maniac being loose. It seems as if the hitchhiker is the maniac, but in actuality he is after the driver, who is the real maniac. It ends up that the hitchhiker is a ghost of one of the driver's past victims and kills him by burying him alive.

Appearing in "The Defense Rests!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Defense Rests!"Edit

This story is about a young lawyer who goes after the same woman as the very powerful mayor. When the town maniac kills the girl, the mayor blames it all on the lawyer and puts him on trial, where he stacks the jury with his allies and declares him guilty. The lawyer breaks loose and captures them all and unleashes the maniac on them, who was, like him, framed years before.

Appearing in "Fly!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Fly!"Edit

This story is about a man covered in bandages who has had surgery to change his face. Only he keeps being bothered by a fly and falls out a window to his death. It ends up that the fly was attached to his head bandages near his ears which is why it bothered him so much.

Appearing in "The Quest!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Quest!"Edit

A powerful duke seeks eternal life, but every attempt at it fails. His adviser, an old man, tells him that he'll be able to give him eternal life if he will do good things for the town. The duke agrees so the old adviser brings him to a place occupied by vampires, who promptly turn him into one of their own.

Appearing in "Cry Fear, Cry Phantom"Edit

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Synopsis for "Cry Fear, Cry Phantom"Edit

A man and his fiance go to his home, a large mysterious looking house, where his uncle lives with him. She repeatedly has visions of an odd looking woman with an axe, and suspects the uncle is up to something, particularly when she sees him burying that woman! It ends up however that the fiance is the true maniac, and chops her up with an axe.


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