Appearing in "Oversight!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Oversight!"Edit

A man being given glasses for the first time realizes that it gives him the ability to see monsters that are masquerading as humans. He follows his doctor to a graveyard where he witnesses a group of the monsters plotting to kill him since they know he has the magic glasses. After they kill the doctor for screwing up, our hero hides there, only to be confronted by one of the creatures, which he kills. He returns to his apartment where he hides out, and lets some police in when they come by. Only it ends up the police are monsters themselves, as he accidentally mixed up his glasses with those of his dead doctor's during the struggle and isn't able to tell who they are.

Appearing in "Dark Rider!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Dark Rider!"Edit

A group of horsemen in the snowy mountains are followed by a mysterious rider in the distance. They die one by one until only one remains. He shoots at the rider, which causes an avalanche that kills him. The rider reveals himself to be Death.

Appearing in "Type Cast!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Type Cast!"Edit

An actor gets upset with being typecast into the role of a killer or monster in many horror movies. Eventually he goes crazy and kills his agent. Years later he is let out of the loony bin accidentally and returns to his crazy ways.

Appearing in "The Day after Doomsday!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Day after Doomsday!"Edit

A man finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world, and confronts multiple mutated beasts which he fights off. Eventually he finds normal humans whom he stays with, only to find that they are cannibals, who eat him!

Appearing in "The Covered Bridge!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Covered Bridge!"Edit

Set in colonial times, a farmer is hung by some soldiers, who ignore his recommendation that they not go through a nearby covered bridge. The soldiers ignore his advice and send some men there, but each who goes through the bridge disappears. Eventually the leader goes in, with a rope around him so his subordinate can pull him out. He discovers the truth, that the bridge actually goes to another dimension, where the dead are. The dead farmer himself is discovered to be grabbing on to his body.

Appearing in "Wolf Bait!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Wolf Bait!"Edit

A series of werewolf murders occur in a small town. The local sheriff is upset at a girl he likes, as she instead plans to be wed to a chemist. The chemist tries to create a formula which can kill the werewolf. The sheriff, who ends up being the werewolf kills him, but it ends up that he ingested a poison, which results in him dying soon afterwards.

Appearing in "Demon Sword!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Demon Sword!"Edit

A demon sword is recovered as part of an archeological find. Soon after however murders start occurring. Two of the archeologists witness a battle between the demon using the sword and a warrior, and when the demon is defeated so too is one of the archeologists. The other ponders whether to destroy the powerful but dangerous demon sword.


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