Appearing in "Fair Exchange"Edit

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Synopsis for "Fair Exchange"Edit

An old man whose soon to die plots to steal a young man's body when he discovers of a ridiculed doctor who has experimented on switching bodies. The switch is performed successfully and the old man now in his new body kills the doctor so he doesn't have to pay him. Only he soon discovers that the man whose body he stole is a vampire when he is destroyed by the sun's rays.

Appearing in "Rub the Lamp!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Rub the Lamp!"Edit

A man purchases a magic lamp at an auction and wishes for riches, only to get it when his wife dies and he gets insurance money. He then wishes to live forever which happens when he becomes a vampire! He wishes to be reunited with his wife, and soon is when he trips on a wooden stake, killing himself.

Appearing in "Terror in the Tomb!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Terror in the Tomb!"Edit

A pair of archeologists encounter a mummy guarding a pharaoh's tomb which ends up coming alive. They destroy it, only to later find out that it was guarding them from the evil pharaoh, who's still alive and kills them.

Appearing in "The Wanderer!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Wanderer!"Edit

A man appears in a hospital due to a heart attack and is saved by the doctors. The man tells of how he was in a car wreck and found himself wandering a strange realm where demons were after him. He demands to be let go but the doctor refuses, and the demons come for him, leaving only a skeleton behind.

Appearing in "Isle of the Beast!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Isle of the Beast!"Edit

This story features a man shipwrecked on a deserted island with a madman who hunts human beings. The twist is that the man turns himself into a beast in order to heighten the intensity. Only this time the hunted ends up being a werewolf, who attacks his captor during the full moon.

Appearing in "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge!"Edit

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Synopsis for "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge!"Edit

Bierce's story.

Appearing in "Experiment in Fear!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Experiment in Fear!"Edit

A Nazi concentration camp doctor experiments on Jews by locking them in a gas chamber, studying their fear as he experiments with harmless gas that they only think is poisonous, killing them for real once he has sufficient data on the Jew's fears. During one of his experiments however the captor escapes and imprisons him in the chamber where he is subjected to the same experiment. The leaders of the camp eventually rescue him but find that the data on his fears are exactly that of the Jews. Rather than find the experiments worthless, they instead are convinced that he's a Jew, and throws him in the concentration camp, where the captive Jews are quite eager to get their hands on him.


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