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جمهورية مصر العربية (Arab Republic of Egypt)

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جمهورية مصر العربية (Arab Republic of Egypt)
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Khem; Upper Egypt; Lower Egypt; Ancient Egypt

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1,002,450 km² (387,048 sq mi)
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84,550,000 (2013 estimate)
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The following is a list of various events in the DC Universe that have taken place in Egypt.

  • Death of The Endless uses the Egyptian Ankh as her sigil. Ironically, the Ankh represents immortality.
  • Millions of years ago, the Timeless Ones imprisoned Abnegazar of the Demons Three beneath the sands of Cairo. He laid dormant for centuries until awakened by Felix Faust.
  • On Earth-Two an amulet was created in ancient Egypt, which allowed the Pharaoh the ability to control swarms of locusts. This amulet eventually passed down through the ages and came into the hands of Lana Lang, transforming her into the Insect Queen.
  • In 2030 BCE, Nabu fought against a priest of Anubis named Khalis. He took from him the Amulet of Anubis and eventually gave it to his protégé, Doctor Fate.
  • Legion of Super-Heroes member Ultra Boy was accidentally sent to ancient Egypt where he encountered the wizard, Nabu.
  • The unfettered Spectre of vengeance brought the Ten Plagues against ancient Egypt during the time of Moses.
  • Vandal Savage ruled as an Egyptian leader under the name Cheops.
  • The wizard Shazam acted as the Champion of Rameses II circa 1290 BCE.
  • In an alternate continuity, an Egyptian court vizier presented Queen Hatchupset with an enchanted amulet. The enchanted relic housed the mythical power of the Goddess, Isis. In the 20th century, high school teacher, Andrea Thomas discovered the amulet and inherited the name and power of Isis.
  • A Thanagarian ship crashed in Egypt during the time of Prince Khufu Kha-Tar.
  • Martians landed in Egypt thousands of years ago using their shape-changing abilities to impersonate animal-headed Gods of the Egyptian pantheon.
  • Pharaoh Kha-ef-re was buried with a gemstone known as the Blue Scarab. This gem later became the focus of power for several individuals using the name Blue Beetle.
  • Hector Hall was reborn as the new Doctor Fate in Cairo, Egypt.
  • Hourman, Hawkgirl and Doctor Fate traveled backwards in time to ancient Egypt to find a way to stop the wizard, Mordru.
  • Hath-Set murdered Prince Khufu Kha-Tar and his wife, Chay-Arra. Khufu and Chay-Arra are later reincarnated as Hawkman and Hawkwoman.
  • A demon from Apokolips arrived in Ancient Egypt and bartered with Hath-Set for his life, by giving him a powerful Apokoliptian weapon. [1]
  • Seven Soldiers of Victory member, Stripesy was once stranded through time, and became a slave in ancient Egypt.
  • Antiope, sister of Amazonian queen Hippolyta established a tribe of warrior women in Bana-Mighdall.
  • The Orb of Ra created the first Metamorpho.
  • Shazam once selected Teth Adam to become his champion, transforming him into Mighty Adam. The power corrupted Adam and he later became the villain known as Black Adam.
  • The wizard Amentep assumed the guise of Ibis the Invincible.
  • A sorcerer named Amen-Hotep awakened in 1938 and began attacking an archaeology team. Mystery Man John Zatara confronted Ament-Hotep at the Temple of Philae.
  • The Flash (Barry Allen) saved Princess Tara in Cairo from a group of Egyptian bandits. This incident caused the collapse of one of the pyramids. [2]
  • The Flash (Jay Garrick) and Green Lantern (Alan Scott) traveled to Egypt in search of a cure for their dying colleague Doctor Fate. [3]
  • The international terrorist known as Kobra has bases established all throughout Egypt, including the Pyramid of Cheops.
  • In recent years, Black Adam led a revolt against the Arab nation of Khandaq, ousting its terrorist regime and establishing himself as the country's new ruler.
  • Cairo was a major battle site between Black Adam and the Marvel Family during World War III.

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