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Elmond is a small rural community located in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. During World War II, the town's work force developed substantialy giving rise to an affluent residential and service community. Points of interest include: The Elmond coffee house, the Elmond Museum of Art, Elmond High School and Elmond University. The town is noted for being the birthplace of the sibling super-heroes, Hawk and Dove.

Points of Interest

Elmond Town Hall & Courthouse

The work place of judge Irwin Hall and mayoral prospect Frank Heinsite. Heinsite used his political influence to publicly decry the actions of vigilantes such as Hawk and Dove.

Elmond High School

Elmond High School was where Hank and Don Hall attended school.

Elmond Sentinel Newspaper Office

Elmond University

Elmond University has a solid scholastic reputation despite the fact that it is a mid-sized school. Faculty and student population of the University is over 13,000 per year.

Hall Farm

The Hall Farm was owned and operated by James Hall, the brother of Elmond judge Irwin Hall. Two escaped convicts named Davis and Harker once came to the farm seeking shelter and held the Hall family prisoner on the farm. James' nephews, Hank and Don, transformed into the super-heroes Hawk and Dove and apprehended the escaped criminals.



  • In Silver Age continuity, Elmond was located somewhere in the Midwestern United States.


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