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Elysium Cemetery is where Sue Dibny was buried following her death at the hands of an insane Jean Loring. Shortly after the Infinite Crisis event, members of the Cult of Conner spray-painted an inverted Superman symbol across Sue's headstone. The inverted "S" is the Kryptonian symbol for resurrection. The groundskeeper of the cemetery discovered the vandalism and contacted Sue's widow Ralph Dibny. Dibny arrived and began investigating the case. His journey brought him to San Francisco where he found cult member Cassandra Sandsmark. He soon discovered that the leader of the Cult, Devem, disinterred Sue's remains and planned on using it for a resurrection ceremony. The ritual failed however, and her remains were returned to the Elysium cemetery.


  • In 52 Week Forty-Two, Fire is shown visiting Sue's gravesite and placing Ralph's wedding band on top of the headstone. No explanation is provided as to how she came into possession of the ring, or whether Ralph's body was recovered from the Tower of Fate.


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