Cover to Emissary #1. Art by Juan Ferreyra
Publication information
Publisher Image Comics under ShadowLine
First appearance Emissary #1 May 2006
Created by Jim Valentino
In-story information
Alter ego Unknown
Abilities Control over space, time, matter and energy, flight, Teleportation

Emissary is a fictional superhero published by Image Comics. Created by Jim Valentino, he first appeared in Emissary #1, (May 2006).

Fictional character biography

The Emissary is an unnamed alien from an unidentified planet. Resembling a human of African descent, he wields unimaginable powers. His sudden appearance over New York City, and his subsequent neutralization of the planet's entire nuclear arsenal causes both the people and the governments of Earth to question his motives. Some theories say that he did this purely for his own amusement, though it is also possible for an ulterior motive.



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