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The Empire State Building

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The Empire State Building

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102 stories (86 floors); Floor area: 254,000 m² rentable; 2,768,591 sq. ft. External: 0.8 ha (2 acres)
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The Empire State Building is the tallest skyscraper in New York City. It is located on 5th Avenue in midtown Manhattan. In the 1930s, the 86th floor of the Empire State Building housed the personal offices of the adventurer known as Doc Savage. One of the more infamous incidents that took place during this time happened in 1933 when a giant mutated gorilla terrorized New York and scaled the side of the Empire State Building. Biplanes succeeded in shooting the creature down, and the body was later recovered by a top secret government think tank known as Project M.[1] In later years, the 86th floor was used as the observation deck and gift shop. In 1941 (date conjectural), British turncoat Death Mayhew attempted to bomb New York City with an atomic weapon using the Empire State Building as ground zero. It was his intent to have a memorial of himself erected on the site where the skyscraper once stood. Fortunately, the famed aviator Janos Prohaska fought with Mayhew inside one of the building's offices and prevented the Nazi sympathizer's plan from coming to fruition.[2]

One of the many businesses headquartered at the Empire State Building was Repli-Tech Industries. Led by the unscrupulous Rex Rogan, Repli-Tech used its advanced genetic research to transform Rogan and the company's board members into human-animal hybrids called the Ani-Men.[3]


In the continuity of Earth-AD, the Empire State Building survived the Great Disaster of the 21st century, but geological upheaval rendered it structurally unsound. By the era when Kamandi began having his adventures, the Empire State Building was largely abandoned and, like the rest of Manhattan, had been absorbed into the greater Tiger Empire.[4]

Wildstorm Universe

In Wildstorm Universe continuity, the Empire State Building was the scene of a fight between the Midnighter and a villain known as the Suicide King. The fight ended with the Suicide King being impaled on the top of the building, while the Midnighter swung away on a safety line.[5]

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  • Doc Savage's office on the 86th floor
  • Observation Deck



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  • Although never referenced by name, the giant gorilla that scaled the side of the Empire State Building in 1933 is a reference to King Kong.

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