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The Evil Factory was first established by Darkseid as a rival to Project Cadmus. It created various powerful bioweapons and used them to launch surprise attacks on Cadmus headquarters and other strategic areas. Its creations included a giant clone of Jimmy Olsen dusted with kryptonite, the Four-Armed terror, and a giant plesiosaurus-like lake monster. It was headed by Mokkari and Simyan two of Darkseid's minions.

The Evil Factory's main HQ, "Brigadoom" was initially located near a lake in Scotland. It was shrunk down to near microscopic size to avoid detection. It was eventually discovered destroyed by Jimmy Olsen and the Newsboy Legion.

Prior to the events of Final Crisis Darkseid rebuilt the Evil Factory in a bunker under the ruins of Bludhaven. Mokkari and Simyan resumed command, this time experimenting on a captured Batman. They tortured Batman with the aid of a new Lump, in the hopes of creating an army of Batman clones to serve Darkseid.

Batman took control of the Lump and made it attack Mokkari and Simyan. He then escaped the factory to face Darkseid. One of the Batman clones from the Evil Factory was dressed in Batman's costume to convince the other heroes he was dead. The Evil Factory was presumably destroyed along with the rest of Darkseid's bunker at the end of Final Crisis.


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