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Appearing in "Sins of the Father"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Forge (First appearance)
  • X-Men (First appearance)
    • Juggernaut (First appearance)
    • Spider-Woman (First appearance)
    • Johnny Storm (First appearance)
    • Domino (First appearance)
    • Chamber (First appearance)
  • Prisoners
    • Ben Grimm (First appearance)
    • Susan Storm (First appearance)
    • Ororo Munroe (First appearance)
    • Peter Parker (First appearance)
    • Henry McCoy (First appearance)
    • Jen Walters (First appearance)
    • Scott Summers (First appearance)
    • Magneto (First appearance)
    • Bruce Banner (First appearance)
    • Namor (First appearance)
    • Luke Cage (First appearance)
    • Heather Douglas (First appearance)
  • Lori Denosta (Death)
  • Michael Denosta (Lori's Son) (Death)


Other Characters:

  • X-Men (Earth-8649) (First appearance)
    • Charles Xavier (Earth-8649) (First appearance)
    • James Howlett (Earth-8649) (First appearance)
    • Ororo Munroe (Earth-8649) (First appearance)
    • Warren Worthington III (Earth-8649) (First appearance)
    • Piotr Rasputin (Earth-8649) (First appearance)
    • Henry McCoy (Earth-8649) (First appearance)
    • Kurt Wagner (Earth-8649) (First appearance)
    • Scott Summers (Earth-8649) (First appearance)
  • Shi'ar (Earth-8649) (First appearance)



  • Plastic Nuclear Bomb


  • Wrecked cars, trucks and a school bus.

Synopsis for "Sins of the Father"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • This story is reprinted in Exiles Ultimate Collection Vol. 1.
  • On page 12, there is a printing error in which Domino's hands are Caucasian while the rest of her body is white.

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