Appearing in "Destroy All Monsters" Part II of IIIEdit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

    • Harold and his family (Incinerated)
    • Monkeys (Boiled Alive)


    • The Control Room
    • The Stasis Gallery
    • The Infirmary


    • The Tallus
    • Various Crystal Palace Tech


    • The Science Squad's Pod
    • Red Ronin
    • A Bullet Train (Incinerated)

    Solicit Synopsis:Edit

    The bold new Exiles era charges forward! Old teammates are buried, and the search for a way to heal another brings the Exiles face to gruesome face with some of the fiercest monsters in Marvel Universe history! Guest-starring KRAKOA, the island that walks like a man!


    1. REDIRECT User:Peteparker/Morph
    • The creators' names were purposefully changed in this issue to different characters. Joe Quesada was King Kong, Jim Calafiore was Lord Zed, Dan Buckley was Mecha King Ghidora, Tony Bedard was Zordon, Mark McKenna was Gigan, JC was Baltan, Dave Sharpe was Hedora, Mike Marts was Godzilla, while Nick Lowe and Sean Ryan were the White and Pink Rangers, respectfully.


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