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In their evolved state, Feitherans resemble human bird hybrids. Their heads are similar to that of a hawk and they have taloned feet. Their chest, torso, arms and legs however are still humanoid.
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The Feitherans were once winged humanoids with brown, feather-like skin. They lived in seclusion in the mysterious region of Greenland known as Feithera. In recent years, the Feitherans have apparently lost the power of speech but not their intelligence. It has yet to be revealed how, but Black Adam was able to convince Northwind and the other Feitherans to join him and take over his ancestral homeland Kahndaq.

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Anthropologist Fred Cantrell lived among the Feitherans for many years and was married to Osoro, daughter of the Feitheran leader Worla.

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