Real Name
Feral Jackson
Current Alias
Charn-El (father, deceased)
Base Of Operations

Unusual Features
Marital Status
Bounty hunter
Mutated by strontium-90
Place of Birth
Milton Keynes
First appearance

2000 AD prog 606


Feral was a wild, savage young mutant from the post-war world of the Strontium Dogs who became involved with Johnny Alpha during the events surrounding Lord Sagan's attempt to exile the mutant population of Britain to a hellish other dimension. Feral was with Alpha when he apparently died. According to accounts given at the time he returned alone from the other world, later travelling to Lyra, home of the alien necromancers responsible for Johnny's death, in the company of Johnny's former associate the Gronk.

More recent events though have suggested that the original account was at least partly falsified by Feral and that he and a mutant named Fish Wilson actually brought Alpha's apparently dead body home. Feral then apparently attempted to find a way of resurrecting Alpha, but was unwilling to trade his life to the alien Stone Wizards in return for Johnny's and, in the end, simply buried him.

Feral joined the Search/Destroy Agency as a 'Strontium Dog' (bounty hunter) but was later tried and convicted of an (unintentional) multiple murder on an alien world where he was sentenced to death. Alpha's former friends Middenface McNulty and Precious Matson tracked him down. With the assistance of the planet's authorities they tricked Feral into believing that they were rescuing him, as this was the only way he would agree to give them the information they needed about Johnny's 'death'. After turning Feral back over to the authorities, McNulty and Matson left Feral to his fate and he was executed by fire in the planet's traditional way after having his nose ceremonially severed.

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Feral could warp his body into an animalistic, inhuman state with fangs and claws, in which condition he was utterly savage and irrational. He did not, however, have control over the process.


Proficient bounty hunter.

Strength level

Peak human or greater than human.

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