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Ferris Aircraft, Inc.
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Ferris-Bloch Air-Cargo, Ltd, FerrisAir


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Company was founded by Carl Ferris and Conrad Bloch

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Ferris Aircraft, Inc. is one of the leading aviation companies in the world specializing in advanced aviation concepts. It employs hundreds of people in Coast City, California. The company was founded by Carl Ferris and Conrad Bloch but was later ran by his daughter Carol Ferris. One of the company's pilots was Hal Jordan who later became the Green Lantern for Sector 2814. Hal joined the company and took a position of test pilot like his father Martin Jordan, who was killed in an accident many years before .

Carl and Conrad were since childhood, he shared the dream of creating a business together, Ferris-Bloch Air-Cargo, Ltd. Ferris was a business man, Bloch a pilot. Together they became profitable against the odds. However, as time went on, Ferris was constantly working, building up the business while Bloch played around, seeing many women and drinking.

The company was at forefront of aviation technology for decades, but it also had legal problems. This was due to Conrad Bloch, co-founder who had a drinking problem. Carl Ferris was forced to remove his friend ending their close partnership.

The company was left to Carol to run but the company became close to bankruptcy. In years to come, the company was plagued by saboteurs and the cancelation of government contracts, a devastating attack by the Demolition Team. They even had to deal with a hositle take over. It was also one of the funding powers behind the superhero team called the Conglomerate.

In years Carol has regained control of the company and Ferris Aircraft, Inc. recent achievements include their contribution to the new Blackhawk Squadron and the launch of FerrisAir, a commercial airline service.


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