Fightin' 5
The Fightin 5 from Fightin 5 #28,
artist Bill Montes
Publication information
Publisher Charlton Comics]]
First appearance Fightin' 5 #28
(July 1964)
Created by Joe Gill]] (writer)
Bill Monte (artist)
In-story information
Member(s) Frenchie the Fox
Granite Gallero
Hank Hennessey
Irv Haganah
Tom Tom

The Fightin' 5 are a Charlton Comics]] Special Forces]] paramilitary team, similar to DC Comics]]' Blackhawk (DC Comics)|Blackhawks]]. They debuted in Fightin' 5 #28, (July 1964), and were created by Joe Gill]] and Bill Montes.

Publication history

The Fightin' 5 comic started in July, 1964 with issues #28 (continuing the numbering of the 1959 in comics|1959]] Charlton series Space War), and ran until #41 in January, 1967. After the cancellation, the characters starred in a backup feature in Peacemaker (comics)|Peacemaker]]. Toward the end of the original series, the team took on a disastrous mission which resulted in the death of Irv, while team leader Hank lost an eye and arm. During the Peacemaker run the team added an ex-Soviet agent named Sonya to the group, and Hank was relegated to the role of tactician and organizer.

From 1981 to 1982, Charlton committed to a partial reprint of the series, running from issue #42 through issue #49. When the Charlton Comics Group was dissolved, the trademark and indica of these characters was purchased by Canadian publisher Roger Broughton]]. Broughton issued one reprint series, under the title The Power of Five.

Fictional team biography

These five men were recruited by the CIA]] in the fall of 1963, during the height of the Cold War. This team consisted of five commandos, their initials spelling out, "FIGHT". The five undertook missions around the world fighting international terrorists, despotic rulers, and thwarting Communist agents. They wore bright blue Battle Dress Uniform|BDU]]'s with red beret]]s. They usually flew around in a modified Convair B-58]] Supersonic Bomber and used many different military-use weapons systems as well as James Bond-like gadgets to accomplish their missions.


  • FF1: Frenchie the Fox - A rather stereotypical French American]] and ex-US Navy]] underwater]] demolition|demolitions expert]].
  • FF2: Irv "The Nerve" Haganah - A decorated former Israel]]i commando and Private investigator.
  • FF3: Granite Gallero - A former mercenary and weapons expert.
  • FF4: Hank Hennessey - A career US Army]] Captain in the Special Forces]] and Vietnam War]] veteran.
  • FF5: Tom-Tom - A former professional wrestler]].

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