Quote1.png Believe me, I know how hard it is to be original in this game. Quote2.png
-- Doc Dread

Appearing in "Bishojo Rising"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The conspirators
  • Mister Itami
    • the Japanese SDF
  • The Brain Drain

Other Characters:




  • Wonder Wagon

Synopsis for "Bishojo Rising"Edit

Super Young Team has been moved to Las Vegas, or as they name it, "Las Vulgar". Justin Hanover has decided to move them to a hotel because he says satellite headquarters are passé. The group will be trailed by a camera crew during their stay. He brings up the issue of intra-team romance, which leads Aquazon to shoot down Lantern Boy yet again. Hanover brings up the prospect of getting the team sponsered, but only Aquazon volunteers. Lightning Flash, checking the television, notes that they aren't getting any of the newsfeeds.

Through the CCTV, the conspirators note that starring in a reality television show will destroy their cuiosity of the outside world and prevent them from returning to Japan. They wonder what is happenng in Japan.

Rising Sun, still drunk, is being prevented from entering Tokyo. A special unit of the Japanese Self-Defence Forces have been tasked with guarding the cities; no-one gets in or out. Rising Sun gets angry... and Mister Itami appears. He asks Rising Sun to back down, citing "who I represent". Rising Sun flies away, feeling wronged, but it is clear that Mister Itami blames the superheroes for something.

Aquazon's first meeting with sponsors in for something called Oxy-Gen, a pocket-sized gas canister produced by an organization called the Devonshire Corporation and Technocult. The president of Devonshire introduces himself, but he is clearly addicted to Oxy-Gen. Meanwhile, the rest of the team are still at their hotel suite, when Super Bat discovers, via the internet, that a supervillain named Doc Dread lives in Las Vegas. They leave immediately to fight him, pausing only to tie up the camera crew. At Doc Dread's compound, they fight a collection of costumed minions, before squaring off against Doc Dread himself, at the controls of a giant robot. The team regards as the most fun they've had in ages.

At the product demonstration, Aquazon is puzzed by the language the Devonshire rep is using. When the crowd begin using Oxy-Gen, they become the puppets of an entity that calls itself "the Brain Drain". The Brain Drain commands the crowd to go on a rampage, and they comply.

Super Young Team, having cronfronted Doc Dread, now only want to talk. He tells them that he was just protecting his turf, and that he half-expected them to have a camera crew and cast him as their "TV Nemesis". Over tea, they apologize for interrupting and ask to use his equipment to get the news. He complies, showing them that Japan has been blurred off the satellite maps. No news is getting in or out. He is, frankly, impressed.

The team get a local broadcast of the Oxy-Gen riot, and rush to rescue Aquazon. Checking one of the Oxy-Gen canisters, they find no list of ingredients, but a manufacturing address in Colorado. They go there, discovering that the entire plant is automated. Singling out a giant egg-shaped thing in the centre of the equipment, Lightning Flash charges in, only to be knocked back by a forcefield. Super Bat gets Lantern Boy to punch a temporary hole for the team to charge through - only for them to fall into a vortex, where the Brain Drain, revealed as a network of telepthic cells of "pure dark thought", challenges them directly. As Lantern Boy watches through a microscope, Canary uses a sonic attack to stun the Brain Drain command cell, so Super Bat can tear it apart. The threat is ended.

In a bar, Rising Sun is the worse for his drink. The last thing he does, before passing out, is to swallow a strange worm out of a bottle...


  • The containment unit for the Brain Drain resembles one of the "Egg Fu" beings. Whether this is pertinent to its origin is unknown.
  • This issue shipped in June 2009


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