Quote1 Are you indeed the hero of your own dreams? Then act like it. Quote2
-- Ultimon-Alpha

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At Innovative Concepts HQ, Justin Hanover is arriving for a meeting with the founders. He is talking to someone on the phone, describing the break-up of Super Young Team and wondering about the lack of communication from the main office. However, when he walks into the boardroom, he has his answer - the board has been killed by Rising Sun, who is not himself...

Most Excellent Super Bat is retreating to his Secret Sanctuary, built on an artificial island off the coast of Japan. Beneath it, he has his Most Excellent Superbat-Cave. He kept a sample from the team's adventure against the Brain Drain, but as he remembers, he is accosted again by the ghost of Ultimon-Alpha.

Shiny Happy Aquazon has decided to join her father in Big Science Action. He is pleased to have her, and introduces her to her new team-mates. However, they are interrupted by an attack by the Mid Night Monster Club, a group of black-clad malcontents who ride fearsome motorcycles. Fearing for his life, Senior Waveman tells Shiny Happy Aquzon that she is the product of a forbidden relationship - Senior Waveman is her father, and her mother was the daughter of his mentor in the Wavemen.

Rising Sun needed Justin Hanover to activate Innovative Concept's Media Room. Seeing the destruction that the world was dealt recently, he decides to strike at Midway City.

Super Bat cannot find out what is happening in Japan, when he is greeted by Crazy Shy Lolita Canary. They discuss Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash, who has gone on a walk across the American desert and is being followed by a group of thousands of people. Super Bat dismisses the whole thing as a fad. However, Sonic Lightning Flash's actions are getting a lot of coverage, riding the news of SYT's break-up.

Most Excellent Super Bat decides that some research is in order. With the aid of yogic meditation and the Superbat-Cave's computer, he starts looking into Justin Hanover, and becomes aware of Innovative Concepts. He decides to ask questions at their Tokyo branch office.

Back at Fuji Station, the heroes have emerged victorious. They retire to the conference room for a debrief. All communication with the government has shut down. The North Korean state superteam, The Workers' Party Battalion, has not moved, and Senior Waveman Kimura mentions a Japanese government policy of "social diversion". Shiny Happy Aquazon is puzzled by this, but says nothing.

Most Excellent Super Bat has encountered the SDF's blockade of Tokyo. However, in the Wonder Wagon, he easily evades the helicopters and their rockets. Deciding a more circumspect approach is in order, he sets course for the United States. There, he and Crazy Shy Lolita Canary break into the main office, and plant a chip in the mainframe which gives Most Excellent Super Bat unfettered access to the computer. The news is dull, mostly about unusual flames over the Pacific, which leads Most Excellent Super Bat to suspect that Rising Sun is involved. But the next piece of news is even greater: Mister Itami, the Justin Hanover's "investor" from the satellite, had contact with Innovative Concepts some time before. As they watch, a v-mail of him lays out the plan to use Super Young Team and Rising Sun as a "kabuki play", distracting the world with its generation-gap melodrama so that Japan can recover from the Final Crisis without scrutiny.

In the face of this, Most Excellent is sure of the perfect response: Super Young Team must reform. He wonders where Big Atomic Lantern Boy is.

At Fuji Station, Shiny Happy Aquazon is unsure she belongs in Japan's great team. The newer members, Boss Bishonen and Nazo Baluda, try to console her, saying that they went through the same thing. Big Atomic Lantern Boy teleports into Fuji Station to tell Aquazon how he feels. However, before he can speak, she tells him he has become a stalker and lets loose with her power!


  • Boss Bishonen counsels Shiny Happy Aquazon not to move Big Science Action's headquarters to an abandoned Mitsubishi plant. This is a joking reference to the JLA's "Justice League of Detroit" phase.


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