Quote1.png Let the world watch as we embrace spectacle over... substance. I know that Wonder Wagon. Quote2.png
-- "Rising Sun"

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Big Science is trying to decide what they will do with Big Atomic Lantern Boy since they caught him trying to break into their headquarters. Big Atomic Lantern Boy says he only came to see if Shiny Happy Aquazon was alright, but his harness activates. Big Science Action assumes the worst, but it is only a built-in holgram projection system that Most Excellent Super Bat has decided to use to reform Super Young Team.

Most Excellent Super Bat lays out his case: the firm was that marketed them in the wake of the Final Crisis was themselves being used by someone else. He has some additional rhetoric, but Shiny Happy Aquazon stops him short - Big Science Action invented the long-winded hero speech. After a few insults are thrown, Aquazon agrees to come back, provided Super Bat is ready to make concessions. Senior Waveman Kimura is shocked at this, but she poitns out that he never asked her to come back, he merely assumed she would. and Shiny Happy Aquazon's rejoining is a good start, but Most Excellent Super Bat's plan has only begun.

In Midway City, the cleanup effort is continuing apace, when Rising Sun arrives.

Based on the ideology that if no-one sees it, it doesn't count, Most Excellent Super Bat books Super Young Team onto Dr. Claire, a daytime talkshow given by an American psychologist. Her opinion of the team is lowered by the fact that they spend more time selling merchandise than they do fighting super-crime, but the team fends her off until Ultimon-Alpha appears before them. He counsels the team, "Project nothing less than total confidence and the world will agree!" Destroying the cameras, he confirms that Japan needs Super Young Team before fading away.

Suddenly, the broadcasters' entertainment program gets word of a viral video of Rising Sun incinerating a man in Midway City. The video was sent out by Justin Hanover, who was dragged along by Rising Sun. Super Young Team rush to stop him, but Rising Sun seems to be counting on that. He destroys their Wonder Wagon when they arrive, but the whole team survives. Justin Hanover is talking to an associate on the phone, about how Rising Sun's plan is somehow tied to the concept of news cycles.

The fight begins in earnest. Moat Excellent Super Bat takes the brunt of the attack with his fireproof cape, Big Atomic Lantern Boy and Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash strike back. Crazy Shy Lolita lands a crucial blow, remarking, "I love shouting at old people."

Rising Sun fights back, but Big Atomic Lantern Boy is able to get a full-body scan. Rising Sun has a foreign object lodged in his brain, which is enhancing his powers... Mister Mind!


  • Shiny Happy Aquazon mentions "B@erbricks". These is probably the DCU equivalent of Be@rbricks, a Japanese collectible.


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