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Quote1 I. Am. The. Flash!!! Quote2
-- Flash (Bart Allen)

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Synopsis for "Full Throttle: Conclusion"Edit

Bart Allen recalls an event from his childhood spent in virtual reality in the future, when an image of his grandfather talked to him about what it meant to be a hero.

Valerie Perez tries to figure out the advanced technology of Inertia's Speed Force machine, attempting to keep it from detonating. Iris Allen, having felt a disturbance in the timestream, believes there might be a chance to prevent the future she saw and save Bart's life. She rushes to her powerless grandson's aid, firing tranquilizers at the Rogues pursuing him. She explains to him what Val is trying to do, and, not wanting to put her in danger, Bart gently incapacitates Iris. He grabs her tranquilizer gun and runs off to distract the Rogues. He fights valiantly, but is soon overwhelmed by their numbers.

Meanwhile, Pied Piper confronts Inertia, angry at being used. He drags the young speedster, also powerless from lack of Velocity 9, over to the other Rogues. Together, they surmise Inertia's true intention: to transfer the Speed Force from the Flash to himself. After a comment from Abra Kadabra about being too young to be the Flash, Bart has a surge of adrenaline, breaks free and begins to attack Inertia vigorously, convinced that the presence of the Black Flash may have foreshadowed his enemy's demise rather than his own. However, after recalling a conversation he had with his grandmother, in which she told him that she had traveled to the future and read of his death, he loses hope and Inertia breaks free.

Piper notices the door to Inertia's machine, and, realizing that someone is helping the Flash and his powers could potentially be returned, the Rogues run toward it. Bart runs after Inertia, but the other Rogues attack him from behind. He falls down, mortally wounded. Glancing up, Bart notices that the machine had been deactivated. Val and Iris run to his side, and he passes away.

Robin, Jay Garrick, and Liberty Belle are all shocked to hear of his death, and a memorial service at the Flash Museum is attended by throngs of supporters.


  • A promotional DC Nation version of this issue was distributed for free with a cover by Ryan Sook.


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