Quote1 A gallant try, I'll grant you -- but all for naught! You think I don't know who you really are -- and what you're trying to accomplish! Quote2
-- Reverse Flash

Appearing in "The Final Verdict!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Karl
  • Miss Wright
  • Mister Crawford
  • Mister Markle
  • Nathan Newbury




Synopsis for "The Final Verdict!"Edit

Captain Frye convinces the Flash that the Reverse Flash is still alive. The Reverse Flash meanwhile, continues to round up all of the Flash's known adversaries, including Captain Boomerang and the Rainbow Raider. At the Central City Courthouse, jurist Nathan Newbury proves to be more than he seems as he transports the entire jury through the timestream to play witness to the day that the Flash allegedly murdered the Reverse Flash. The Reverse Flash discovers Newbury's manipulation of the timestream and sends the jurors back to the present. Taking Newbury's place, he convinces the other jurors that the Flash is guilty. At the reading of the verdict, the jury finds the Flash guilty of second degree murder.


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