Four-Star Spectacular
Cover of Four-Star Spectacular #1 (Mar/Apr 1976)
Art by Ernie Chan.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Schedule Bi-monthly
Format Standard
Publication date March/April 1976 – January/February 1977
Number of issues 6
Main character(s) Superboy
Wonder Woman
Editor(s) E. Nelson Bridwell

Four-Star Spectacular was an anthology comic book series published by DC Comics in the mid-1970s. The series was edited by E. Nelson Bridwell and ran for six issues from March/April 1976 to January/February 1977. The books were in the "giant size" format and consisted mostly of superhero reprints, with some new material. A total of four characters from DC's roster of superheroes appeared in each issue — hence the title. (Half of the title's issues, however, only featured three stories.) Each issue featured a Superboy story, a Wonder Woman story, and at least one other story (usually a team-up story).

The issues

Issue Heroes Date Notes
1 Superboy, Hawkman, Wonder Woman, the Flash March/April 1976 64-page giant
2 Superboy, Wonder Woman, Kid Flash May/June 1976 48-page giant
3 Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Green Lantern July/August 1976 48-page giant; Superboy featured in a one-pager
4 Wonder Woman, Superboy, Hawkman September/October 1976 48-page giant
5 Superboy, Vigilante, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman November/December 1976 48-page giant
6 Wonder Woman, Superboy, Etta Candy, Blackhawk January/February 1977 48-page giant

In other media


The concept of Four-Star Spectacular is used in the episode of the same named in the show Batman:The Brave and the Bold where it contains four episodes starring each heroes,
Adam Strange in Worlds War,
Flash in Double Jeopardy,
'Mazing Man in Kitty Catastrophe,
The Creature Commandos in The War That Time Forgot.

Batman appears in all shorts as a secondary character and cameo appearance.

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