Four Women
Cover of Four Women #1, October 2001.
Publication information
Publisher Homage Comics
Format Limited series
Publication date December 2001 - April 2002
Number of issues 5
Creative team
Writer(s) Sam Kieth
Artist(s) Sam Kieth
Inker(s) Jim Sinclair
Colorist(s) Alex Sinclair

Four Women is an American five-part limited series published by Homage Comics. Written and drawn by Sam Kieth, it deals with four female friends of varying ages—Donna, Bev, Marion and Cindy—and a road trip during which they are attacked and sexually assaulted by two men. The story mostly takes place in a flashback as Donna recounts the story to her psychiatrist.


Bev, Donna, Marion and Cindy set out to their friends' wedding in a car. Throughout the book, Donna is restrictive about the details of the encounter when describing it to her psychiatrist. She eventually reveals that Bev was the driver. The vehicle experiences trouble and stalls on a downward sloping road. Two men stop by and instead of getting help, cover the car with a gigantic tarp as a prelude to a sexual assault. Marion, who takes a chance and gets out of the car, is attacked and raped. According to Donna, Bev locks the doors and won't let Marion back in, or let anyone out to help. However, a fight ensues and the two men are slain.

The psychiatrist feels that Donna isn't telling the whole story and presses Donna to reveal more. It is then revealed that Donna was the one driving and that she was the one who refused to unlock the doors to save Marion.

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