The following is a list of various events in the DC Universe that have taken place in France.

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The following is a list of various events in the DC Universe that have taken place in France.

  • Vandal Savage was once the court physician in medieval France, and even used the royal family for syphilis experiments.
  • The Pre-Crisis versions of Superman, Batman and Robin once traveled back in time and donned the guise of the Three Musketeers in order to rescue the Man in the Iron Mask.
  • During World War II, Sgt. Rock and Easy Company went on several missions assisting the French Resistance against Nazi occupation.
  • Libby Lawrence once escaped Nazi forces in Dunkirk by swimming the English Channel.
  • In October of 1943, the Unknown Soldier went on a mission to Beaulieux.
  • In 1954, a mystery man known as the Musketeer begins adventuring in France.
  • Impulse once visited France to do a school report on the Eiffel Tower
  • On his first solo mission, Robin (Tim Drake) teamed up with Clyde Rawlins and Lady Shiva to fight a street gang known as the Ghost Dragons.
  • Agents of Checkmate buried the remains of Blue Beetle's Bug in France.
  • Bruce Wayne first met Lucius Fox and matched wits with Henri Ducard in France.
  • American soldier Joseph Jones suffered injuries in France, which eventually led to him adopting the super-hero guise of General Glory.
  • In the movie Superman II, Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane became trapped in the Eiffel Tower after trying to get a scoop concerning a terrorist bomb.
  • In Pre-Crisis continuity, the city of Paris was one of many locations temporarily stolen by the alien invader, Brainiac.
  • Green Arrow once faced a rival archer known as the Phantom of France.
  • Doctor Thirteen once debunked a ghostly legend known as the Phantom of Paris.

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  • On Earth-AD, the region once occupied by France prior to the Great Disaster became known as the Wolf Napoleoneks.

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