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Frank Hoag (Earth-93060)
Real Name
Frank Hoag
Current Alias
Base Of Operations

8' 0" (estimated)
800 lbs (364 kg) (estimated)
Marital Status
Adventurer; Former police detective
Gradutate of Police Academy
Detective Sergeant Frank Hoag was exposed to toxic waste that transformed him into his current form.
Place of Birth
First appearance


Frank Hoag was once a Detective Sergeant in the NYC Vice Squad, dedicated to stamping out the drug trade. An iccoruptable officer who would not be swayed by any criminal offers of money or power, Frank was jumped one night by a group of corrupt cops who savagely beat him and dumped a barrel of what was apparently some manner of scientific waste onto him. Rather than killing him, the chemicals merged with his DNA, transforming Frank into the creature simply called "Sludge". For an unknown amount of time, the confused and brain-addled Sludge wandered the sewers, until he fell in with Lord Pumpkin, who gave him access to the magical, and highly-addictive, Zuke plants, which restored Frank's mind and helped to stablize his form. Sludge ended up working as Pumpkin's muscle in return for the plants. Finally, an encounter with Jimmy Ruiz, now the superhero Prototype, helped Sludge realize he had become just as bad as any of the crackheads he had put away. Sludge helped Prototype destroy Pumpkin's Zuke trade in NYC and retreated into the sewers to find his own place in the world.

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Superhuman durability, Healing factor, Ability to cause spontaneous tissue growth in others by touch

Strength level

Superhuman strength

Appearances, Images, and QuotesEdit


  • Sludge had trouble thinking straight because of brain damage and his thoughts were often jumbled, leading him to confuse his words. His reaction to this was always "Damn head".
  • There was a connection between the chemicals that transformed Frank Hoag into Sludge and Dr. Gross' research. Dr. Gross conducted the experiments that allowed Kevin Green to transform into Prime.
  • The Sludge series was the launching pad for a number of Ultraverse characters, most notably Lord Pumpkin and Rune.

Other Media

Sludge appeared in the Ultraforce animated cartoon.

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