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  • The actual title to this series is The Monster Of Frankenstein With Frankenstein #6, the title changes to The Frankenstein Monster.
  • Robert Walton IV is the descendent of Robert Walton, the explorer who encountered the Frankenstein monster in the arctic back in the 18th century.

First Appearances: Alphonse Frankenstein (Victor's father); Canute (a stevedore); Elizabeth Lavenza-Frankenstein (Victor Frankenstein's wife); Frankenstein's Monster; Henry Clerval (Victor Frankenstein's friend); Robert Walton IV (a seaman); Sean (a young passenger on Walton's ship); Victor Frankenstein (a swiss inventor); William Frankenstein (Victor's brother)
Final Appearances: William Frankenstein (dies in this issue)


  • The story of Frankenstein is considered by many to be the world's first Science Fiction novel.
  • This issue was partially reprinted and repackaged in the 1974 Frankenstein read-along book-n-record set by Power Records.
  • In Silver Surfer #7, Victor Frankenstein is identified as "Henry". Henry was the name of the scientist played by Colin Clive from the 1931 Universal Studios movie, Frankenstein.

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