Appearing in "The Freedom Fighters"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • District Attorney David Pearson


Other Characters:

  • Becky (a pedestrian)
  • Blanche (a pedestrian)
  • Edgar (a pedestrian)


  • Earth-X (Appears in flashback and main story)



  • Silver Ghost's hovercraft

Synopsis for "The Freedom Fighters"Edit

  • Synopsis not yet written.


The Freedom Fighters were relocated to a parallel world, one called "Earth-X", where Nazi Germany had won World War II. The team was featured in its own series for 15 issues (1976-1978), in which it temporarily left Earth-X for "Earth-One" (where most DC titles are set).

In 1981, some Quality Characters became recurring guest-stars of All-Star Squadron, a superhero-team title set on "Earth-Two", the locale for DC's WWII-era superheroes, and at a time prior to when the Freedom Fighters were supposed to have left for Earth-X. They later appeared with the rest of DC's superheroes in Crisis on Infinite Earths, a story that was intended to eliminate the confusing histories that DC had attached to its characters by retroactively merging the various parallel worlds into one. The Freedom Fighters became a mere splinter group of the All-Star Squadron.

  • Issue includes a Hostess Cup Cakes advertisement featuring Shazam! called "The Cup Cake Caper".


  • Doll Man is accidentally referred to as Darrel Dare at one point in this issue. His real named is Darrel Dane.

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