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One of the teams formed after the super-hero Civil War as part of Tony Stark's 50-State Initiative. Aside from rescuing civilians from a fiery building in Billings, Montana, their adventures are unknown.

This Freedom Force team consists of Cloud 9, Think Tank, Equinox and Spinner, led by the Golden Age hero Challenger. During the Secret Invasion, Equinox was revealed to be a Skrull infiltrator, and was killed by Cloud 9.


  • Challenger - (William Waring), Team leader and Master of several martial arts, master of virtually all known weapons.
  • Cloud 9 - (Abigail Boylen), manipulation of a cloud like gas form on which she can fly. Original class of trainees at Camp Hammond assigned to the Montana team.
  • Equinox - (Terrance Sorenson), powers continually undergoes "thermal transitions" so that part of his body is always on fire and the other is covered with ice.
  • Think Tank - (Name undisclosed), Telepathic hero who appears to be have a brain in a jar for a head.
  • Spinner - (Name undisclosed), Spinner wakes up everyday with a different power.
  • Equinox (Skrull) - (Terrance Sorenson), Skrull infiltrator replaced the original Equinox.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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  • The squad was seemingly named after the original Freedom Force, a governmental team of criminals mutants.

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