Quote1 You're from the future. His future. It was the only way you could know that the other Spider-Man was from 2211. And since there's been a future Spider-Man... and future Hobgoblin... Why not a future Chameleon? Quote2
-- Spider-Man

Appearing in "Sandblasted: Conclusion"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



  • Black Suit
  • Spider-Man 2211's Helmet
  • Pistol (Only in flashback)


  • Dennis's van
  • Flash's car
  • Patrol car

Synopsis for "Sandblasted: Conclusion"Edit

The story begins with a flashback to months ago the Janitor for Mid-town High school kills Roger Harrington the school principal. back to the present day, we see Spider-Man, the Sandman and Dennis driving around New York trying to find out the true Murderer of the Ben Parker from an alternative timeline and the Spider-Man of the future, and to save Sandman's father Floyd Baker from being executed.


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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:


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