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Heavy gamma radiation in normal solar radiation has caused Froma to evolve into large-bodied, greenish humanoids resembling Earth's Hulk. Fingers have opposable thumbs.
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Chize, second from sun
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Learning of the Earth's planned flight to the moon, Edam, Gouda and two other members of the Froma arrived on Earth to destroy the rocket in order to prevent the discovery of their moon base. Their landing was observed for Tony Stark. Stark, as Iron Man, confronted the four Froma, and after a short battle, drove them off. The Froma planned to evacuate their base on the moon, and locate another planet.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Levitation: The Froma are able to psionically levitate.


None known.

Average Strength level

The Froma possess about ten times the strength of an average Earth man. A typical member can lift (press) approximately 2,000 lbs.


None known.


Habitat: Mountainous, 53% covered by water
Gravity: 275% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 70% methane, 20% oxygen
Population: 1.1 billion


Type of Government: Ruled by corporations and cartels
Level of Technology: Intermediate level starships. Otherwise unremarkable.

  • Environmental Suits: The Froma require environmental suits in order to survive in Earth's atmosphere.
  • Ray Rifles: The Froma have used ray rifles which project blasts of an unknown energy.
  • Saucer Ship: The Froma arrived on Earth in a small saucer-shaped spacecraft.

Cultural Traits: Consumer society with tradition of off-world economic exploitation


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  • For unknown reasons, the Froma seem to follow a cheese motif: Their representatives Gouda, Edam, Colby and Havarti are named after cheese varieties, and their race is named after the French word for cheese - fromage. Also, the name of their home planet, Chize, is most likely pronounced "cheese."

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