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Quote1.png No one gets hurt when I'm around. Quote2.png
-- Major Force

Appearing in "Problems Multiplied, Part Three"

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Synopsis for "Problems Multiplied, Part Three"

Firestorm has been knocked out of the sky! Tonya Lu and Alvin Rusch try to drag him to safety, but the Hyena is instantly upon them. Luckily, Major Force arrives on the scene and lends a hand. Meanwhile, General Eiling receives a suprise visit from Superman!

While Major Force takes on the pack of villains, Firestorm is given a chance to rescue Ronnie's mom from Plastique, only Typhoon sends a giant wave crashing down onto Firestorm. Firestorm reacts quickly and starts boiling the water. Soon at the surface, he orders Plastique to release her captive. Plastique refuses until a nice shot from behind with a 2x4 courtesy of Alvin Rusch knocks her cold. With his mom safe, Firestorm returns to the action to assist Major Force. Back at General Eiling's command post, we find that Superman has brought Professor Stein with him. Stein insists that Eiling must stop whatever he is doing with Firestorm.

As Major Force and Firestorm are wrapping-up the baddies one-by-one, Firestorm finally gets to Multiplex. Multiplex reminds Firestorm that he knows his secret identity, which triggers the Ronnie side of Firestorm to rationalize murder as a necessity. Without too much prompting from Jason, Ronnie's rage subsides and he allows Multiplex to go free on the condition that his identity will not be revealed to the public. Major Force's "apprehension team" shows up to take the villains for prison, but they also have a surprise for Firestorm. What is presented as a camera for a simple photograph turns out to be a trap - a neural attack that knocks out Ronnie and Jason cold!

Firestorm comes-to back at General Eiling's command center. The General and Major Force try to keep Firestorm prisoner, but with a simple flick from Superman, the Major is cleared away and Firestorm and Superman leave together. Superman has a few friends that he wants Firestorm to meet...

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