Gareth Sojourn.jpg
Gareth with Serpent's Bane in Sojourn #9
Publication information
Publisher CrossGen Entertainment
First appearance Sojourn
Created by Mark Alessi, Gina M. Villa
In-story information
Alter ego Gareth
Species Human
Team affiliations Middelyn
Abilities Magic sword, Great archer

Gareth is a fictional character, one of the two heroes in CrossGen Comics' now defunct comic book series Sojourn. Like his companion Arwyn, Gareth is not a superhero with superhuman powers, but he is a remarkably talented warrior with a magic sword (Serpent's Bane). The Sojourn series lasted for thirty-five issues, including a prequel.

Gareth has the same name as one of the knights of the Round Table: Sir Gareth.

Character details

Gareth meets Arwyn in a dungeon and together they escape. He has only one eye (he wears a black eye patch over his bad eye). He (like Arwyn) is an expert archer but he is also a master of other weapons (such as the sword).

Gareth narrates the stories up until episode 18.

In episode 5 Arwyn and Gareth met up with a dragon in the form a beautiful woman named Shiara. Shiara wanted Arwyn's magic bow (called the Bow of Ayden, one of Altwaals Weapons) and so she lured them into her lair. However, Gareth stumbled across the magic sword Serpent's Bane which was singularly effective against dragons and wounded Shiara badly enough to force her back into human form.

Arwyn and Shiara struck a deal, together they would kill Mordath and then Shiara could have Ayden's bow. After a major battle, Mordeth proved more powerful than the dragon and so Shiara was mortally wounded. With her last energy, the dragon flew Arwyn and Gareth back to her lair where she then died.

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