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Appearing in "Gotta Kill 'Em All!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Science Ninja Squad
    • Mino Yamashira


  • Hokemutants
    • Dumbashell (First appearance)
    • Spitferbrainz (First appearance)
    • Gutsaurus (First appearance)
    • Eyezzberg (First appearance)
  • Katsuhiro Sun

Other Characters:

  • Kaibutsu
  • Nympho Nurse Nancy (First appearance)




  • Bullet Base

Synopsis for "Gotta Kill 'Em All!"

At a Chinese school, a group of students and their teacher find a cute little creature called a Hokemutant that proceeds to slaughter them and the entire school population.  Aboard Bullet Base, Dr. Yamashira briefs Gen 13 on the incident and reveals that the Hokemutants were created in an IO experiment by Dr. Sun. Elsewhere, Lynch watches a TV news story on the team’s battle with the Kaibutsu but is interrupted by a kiss from his new caretaker, the lingerie-clad Nympho Nurse Nancy.  As Gen 13 travels to China, Grunge explains that his new costume enables him to absorb organic as well as inorganic matter.  The plan is for him to absorb as many of the Hokemutants as he can so the Squad can then relocate them.  The team deploys to Beijing and battle the creatures.  After absorbing several, Grunge loses control and begins to lash out. The rest of Gen 13 knocks him out, and the Squad transports him away.  Yamashira argues with a Chinese general who divulges that it was Dr. Sun who sold them the creatures.  Later, Grunge awakens restored to normal, and Yamashira explains that the Hokemutants have been relocated to the same island as the Kaibutsu.  In Hong Kong, Dr. Sun blows up the building of a toy company.


  • The Hokemutants are a parody of the "pocket monster" creatures of the Pokémon media franchise.

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