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Quote1 Well, we do have our awesome Gen-Active powers...and after every horrific thing we've already faced--just how bad could anybody calling themselves "The Fearsmiths" really be? (Twenty-five minutes later...)' Okay! Okay! You're bad! Quote2
-- Grunge

Appearing in "Teenage Wasteland - Part 10: A Town Called Malice"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Malice (formerly Alice, Iowa)
  • Palatine Hill



Synopsis for "Teenage Wasteland - Part 10: A Town Called Malice"Edit

Burnout, though blind, drives Megan and Dr. Cross's vehicle across the desolated landscape as Megan tends to the injured Fairchild. Megan discovers that Fairchild has been infected by the Warhol Virus (the virus responsible for creating Incubites).

Holly finally helps Bobby stop the vehicle. In the back, Roxy hears a scratching at the door. She opens it and Shaker (SK8-GRA-LA's guard dog whom Fairchild befriended) jumps in and pins Dr. Cross. Roxy demands that Dr. Cross help Fairchild. Megan tries to defend Dr. Cross but Bobby steps in to assist Roxy. Dr. Cross tells them all that a confrontation is not necessary. And when asked, Dr. Cross tells them that he and Megan rescued them because he wants to strike up a bargain.

Meanwhile, the shaman Kachina is performing a blood ritual when her followers inform her that it's raining clean water for once. Kachina already knows that Rainmaker is responsible and she goes to welcome Sarah. Kachina tells Sarah that she is the spirit guide for the seven surviving tribes and that Sarah is their salvation.

Dr. Cross performs surgery on Caitlin in exchange for an agreement granting him a pint of blood from each team member. The blood will help his body which continues to deteriorate. The kids fear Dr. Cross may use the genetic material to make clones of them but Dr. Cross claims that for now his focus is helping himself. They arrive at Alice, Iowa which a group calling themselves The Fearsmiths have renamed Malice.

In the town, the kids encounter old enemies of the superhero group, The Paladins. Grunge fights Taipan while the others face Skeleton Crew, Stinkbug, and Tinderbox. Third Rail and Nightmary show up and help defeat the kids. The Fearsmiths leave as the kids lay unconscious on the ground and Tinderbox ignites the surrounding area. Moments later, Redeemer of The Paladins arrives.

At Palatine Hill (The Paladin's headquarters), floating high above the Earth, Redeemer works to rebuild Petrified Girl. Urumi arrives and asks what they're going to do with the Gen 13 kids. He tells her that he intends to invite them to join The Paladins. They walk over to where the kids are being held and find Roxy has Ragamuffin (who has switched sides) floating. At Redeemer's request she releases Ragamuffin. Redeemer offers them membership into The Paladins and the kids are leery at first but when they realize how well-stocked Palatine Hill is (especially with food) they decide to give The Paladins a chance. When Eddie is sarcastic with Redeemer, he receives his first lesson as a new superhero. Redeemer knocks Eddie across the room instructing him that the first lesson, is humility.


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