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Appearing in "Teenage Wasteland - Part 11: Who Wants to Be a Superhero?"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Palantine Hill
  • Malice


  • Scrying Pool


Synopsis for "Teenage Wasteland - Part 11: Who Wants to Be a Superhero?"Edit

Redeemer continues to teach Grunge a lesson in humility by beating the crap out of him. Grunge turns into marble and thinks he has Redeemer beat but suddenly Grunge's chest begins to crack and he's forced to turn back to normal.

As Redeemer tries to finish his lecture to Grunge, Redeemer begins talking to himself. The kids think he's crazy until they realize that fellow Paladin member Mite is in Redeemer's ear. She tells the kids that her and Redeemer are now leading The Paladins until they can put the whole team back together. But the kids are still worried about Caitlin who was abducted by The Fearsmiths along with Megan and Dr. Cross. Mite tells Burnout to use the Scrying Pool to locate her. Burnout does and he sees that The Fearsmiths still have them.

In the town of Malice, Megan and Dr. Cross in their child forms convince The Fearsmiths that Caitlin is their mother. The Fearsmiths decide to take her to the town doctor to help her.

Back at Palatine Hill, the Gen 13 kids want to rescue Caitlin but The Paladins ask that the kids stay and train at least for a day before attacking The Fearsmiths. Roxy takes time to ask the Scrying Pool where Sarah is. They see Sarah with the tribe of Kachina and assume she's ok. They decide to let The Paladins train them in order to rescue Caitlin.

Back in Malice, the doctor tends to Caitlin. Dr. Cross becomes frustrated and almost blows their cover. In doing so, he reveals to Megan that he has the vaccine for the Warhol Virus but won't use it on Caitlin until he has something in return.

The kids begin their training as Mite helps Roxy, Redeemer helps Grunge, and Urumi helps Bobby. Ragamuffin is looking for Holly in order to help her but can't find her. Holly is using the Scrying Pool to see where her fellow Gen 14 teammates are. She sees that they are in route to Palatine Hill.

As a team of government soldiers and Gen 14 begin their attack on Palatine Hill, Holly finally decides to tell Grunge and Roxy the truth about her. Grunge is ready to attack her for it but then Holly shows them that each Gen has a tracker inside them. Holly has a way to locate Gen's with trackers so Roxy takes the locater and wants to use it to find Sarah and Caitlin. Just then Gen 14 shows up, but they're missing member Shaqira.

Shaqira interrupts Bobby and Urumi's practice session. She knocks out Urumi and begins to beat on Bobby telling him that they have orders to terminate Gen 13.


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  • The book, The Weight of Gravity, that Mite gives to Freefall is authored by Archimedes Sin.

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