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Appearing in "Teenage Wasteland - Part 12: End of the Road (sorta. kinda.)"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Palantine Hill
  • Malice, Iowa



Synopsis for "Teenage Wasteland - Part 12: End of the Road (sorta. kinda.)"Edit

U.S. forces have infiltrated Palatine Hill with Gen 14 assisting them. They quickly subdue The Paladins and Gen 13. But the kids don't give up without a fight as Breakdown fends off Hardbody and Freefall is able to take down Runt. But then Windsprint shows up with more troops and a captured Burnout.

Meanwhile, Colonel Darling boards Palatine Hill as his plane heads back to refuel.

Back on Earth, the Fearsmiths have Megan, Dr. Cross and Fairchild. But the Warhol Virus has finally taken over Fairchild's body and she turns into an Incubite. But even though Megan pleads with him, Dr. Cross refuses to give Fairchild the antigen claiming they could patent a new bio-weapon out of her.

Colonel Darling addresses the captured Gen 13 and tells them how he's going to help rebuild the world without superbeings. Holly asks why he picked her to find Gen 13 and he tells her that it was her will to live that showed him she had more initiative than the rest of Gen 14. Grunge absorbs Burnout's powers and bursts into flames. He demands that Colonel Darling them all go free. But the Colonel answers by shooting Windsprint in the face and killing her. He then points his gun at the others telling Grunge that he can bring any of Gen 14 back with the cloning material back at base, but the same can't be said for Gen 13 and The Paladins.

Megan and Dr. Cross crawl out of the rubble of the Fearsmith's ruined hideout. Fairchild kills Stinkbug and Taipan. Third Rail asks for Nightmary's help.

Colonel Darling reaches Freefall and Grunge is ready to surrender. But not Freefall. She stalls the Colonel as she uses her powers to move Palatine Hill out into space. The Colonel passes out. Mite was in her ear the whole time and she grows back to normal size and administers oxygen to Freefall so she can keep Palatine Hill afloat.

Fairchild has killed Nightmary and her fifteen minutes are almost up as her body prepares to explode. Just then, Palatine Hill comes crashing down nearby. Freefall and the others emerge and race to help Fairchild. Burnout sees Megan and tells her to get Dr. Cross to help Fairchild. But Megan says Dr. Cross ran away. So, Burnout tries but Fairchild grabs him and he's forced to go superhot in order for her to let him go and not get infected.

Holly steps up to face Fairchild but before she does, she tells the others that she didn't mean to lead the soldiers to them. She considers them all sisters and brothers, like a family, and wanted to bring them all together. With that, she allows Fairchild to grab her and Holly uses her powers to destroy the parts of Fairchild that are infrected, leaving only the real Caitlin naked but alive, in a pile of goo.

File:Tranquility gone.png

Gen 13 stand stupefied of Tranquility's absence.

As the others tend to Fairchild, Grunge walks over to Holly's dead body and closes her eyes. But elsewhere, Holly wakes up in a stasis tube...smiling.

3 weeks later...

Fairchild, Grunge, Freefall, and Burnout finally reach Tranquility, but only to find the entire town is gone. Frustrated, Freefall wants to leave but Grunge tries to comfort her. Fairchild says she doesn't remember anything about her and Burnout liking each other, much to Burnout's disappointment. Runt and Ditto from Gen 14 have been following them and finally catch up with them. The team agrees to let them join and they set off on the road again.



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