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Appearing in "A Runt's Review"Edit

Featured Characters:

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  • Phobos
  • Deimos

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Synopsis for "A Runt's Review"Edit

Runt of Gen 14 is in shock as he watches his fellow heroes engaged in battle with the forces of The Red Blade. The Carrier has taken off into space (as seen in The Authority: World's End #18) and Runt laments that he didn't even have time to decide whether or not he wanted to go with it. Even though he's a clone, he doesn't want to die and doesn't think that the heroes out there giving orders to him understand that.

In an effort to prove to them all that's he not expendable he takes on a mech but is quickly over-taken by it. He thinks he's going to die when suddenly Diva of Stormwatch PHD saves him. Runt falls in love with her at first sight but Diva's just interested in getting him to safety. They hide in a building to take a breather. A Red Blade sniper targets them but before he can fire, Brass shows up and takes out the sniper. Brass berates them both for not staying the fight. He insults Diva which gets Runt angry. But before he can do anything, Brass is off once again into the fight. Runt comforts Diva and she gives him a kiss on the cheek for his efforts.

Suddenly, Fuji sends a message to all heroes to that Spartan of the Wildcats has ordered teams dispatched to the Earths' poles in order to stop the Terra-forming process the Red Blade has begun. Runt once again is annoyed that they aren't being asked, they're just be ordered around.

But as soon as they're teleported to the pole, The Red Blade's forces are waiting and attack immediately. Runt is once again thrown into confusion by all the chaos around him. Diva tries to help him but he freezes. The others are able to subdue The Red Blade forces. Fairchild and Ditto show up to try and regroup all the Gen's. Diva gives them attitude and they take off looking for the others. Runt asks Diva why she's acting like that and she says she's trying not to be like her sister (the original Diva). Runt tells her she should just be herself.

Brass shows up wounded and asking for their help. He says he needs them to help take out The Red Blade's cloaking device. Just then, the female Titanthrope, Phobos attacks Runt. But Brass tells Diva they've got to keep going while he distracts her. Diva and Brass get ambushed but Brass fights through and damages the cloaking device. Runt fights off the Phobos and tries to help Diva. But she tells him to take out the cloaking device. He does but returns to find Diva wounded. She's alive and he finds her a hiding place so she can recover while he goes and looks for the others.


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