Genevieve Mystic
Genevieve in Mystic #16
Publication information
Publisher CrossGen Entertainment
First appearance Mystic
Created by Mark Alessi, Gina M. Villa
In-story information
Alter ego Genevieve Villard
Species Human
Team affiliations Master of the Nouveau Magic Guild on Ciress
Abilities Magic spells

Genevieve Villard is a fictional character from CrossGen Entertainment's Sigilverse. She appeared in Mystic comic series as a major character because she is the older sister of Giselle, the Sigil-Bearer on her world of Ciress. Genevieve studied hard and moved up rapidly in the ranks of the Nouveau Mages' Guild. When the old guild leader died, Genevieve was chosen to be the new guild master. The Mystic series begins on the day of Genevieve's ascension to the rank of Guild master. On that day, Genevieve's younger sister Giselle is given a sigil on her hand and she then absorbs all the spirits of the long-dead guild masters of the seven magic guilds, including the spirit Genevieve was supposed to obtain. This causes no end of trouble.

Character details

Genevieve is serious and respectful of the wishes of her guild and (at first) the other guild masters. She wears her hair short and is almost never seen out of her formal (if somewhat revealing) guild robes. In Giselle's opinion, Genevieve never has any fun.

Both girls were orphaned as young teenagers when their parents were killed in a magical duel (letters page, Mystic #31).

In the series, Genevieve is rapidly forced to choose between loyalty to her sister vs. loyalty to her fellow guild masters. After some initial hesitation, she sides with her sister and tries to help her learn magic and take responsibility for her awesome power, not always with success.

Genevieve and Giselle work together to defeat the other magic guild leaders and then they work together to defeat Animora, but Giselle's power is vastly greater than Genevieve. Ultimately success or failure seems to rest in Giselle's hands. The young and handsome artist, Thierry Chevailier, who first falls in love with Giselle, later transfers his attentions to Genevieve as together they try to guide Giselle on a more responsible path.

Giselle's mystery guide, a talking yellow-eyed cat-like creature, ends up appealing to both Genevieve and Thierry Chevailier for help with Giselle. It turns out the yellow-eyed cat is a part of Danik.

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