Georgetown College, infrequently Georgetown College of Arts and Sciences, is the oldest school within Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. The College is the largest undergraduate school at Georgetown, and until the founding of the Medical School in 1850, was the only higher education division.

In the early 1980s, Georgetown College was one of the few American colleges that included classes in parapsychology (another being Vandyre College on the West Coast). Professor Donovan Caine lectured at Georgetown and conducted experiments in the supernatural with his students, including studies in black magic which involved a Satanic mass. One of Caine's students, Marianne, later became his paramour. Donovan's work in paranormal research earned him the attention of the enigmatic Baron Winters who subsequently recruited Caine as part of his Night Force.[1]


  • Donovan Caine (staff)
  • Carl (a student)
  • Marianne (a student)
  • Mary McDonald (associate)


  • Not to be confused with Georgetown University. Although Georgetown College is a part of Georgetown University, they are in fact, separate facilities.


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