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The Seven (formerly)

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GhostWare is one seventh of the gestalt entity known as Agatha Harkness - a deadly Hydra cloaked in the form of a human being. Though he is an aspect of the greater hive mind, GhostWare can act independently and serves as one of the Hydra's seven arms. Taking human form, GhostWare is a member of the superhuman team known as the Seven. When Fantastic Four member Susan Storm began to discover the true identity of the Seven, they abducted her and tried to eliminate her by casting her into the New York Harbor. Susan survived the ordeal due to the intervention of the Sub-Mariner who, along with the rest of the Fantastic Four, accompanied her to the Hydra's nesting ground in Pinhead Buttes, Oregon. There, Susan conducted an experiment that altered the Seven's molecular valences, the end result of which was a giant explosion that destroyed the Seven and the Hydra eggs.

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