Gim Toro
Gim Toro.jpg
Creative team
Writer(s) Andrea Lavezzolo
Artist(s) Edgardo Dell'Acqua

Gim Toro is an Italian comic book series created by Andrea Lavezzolo and Edgardo Dell'Acqua.


Published in 1946 in an eponymous comic book series, the comics had an immediate success;[1][2] in 1947 the main series was joined by the parallel series Gimtorissimo, still written by Lavezzolo but with illustrations by other artists.[2] The success lasted until the beginning of 1950, and the series ended in 1951.[2] It was republished several times until the second half of seventies.[2] The main character, Gim Toro, is an Italian-American with the likeness of actor Tyrone Power.[2][3]

Collana Juventus Serie Gialla 1

Cover of Gim Toro's first appearance


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