Gli Aristocratici
Creative team
Writer(s) Alfredo Castelli
Artist(s) Ferdinando Tacconi

Gli Aristocratici ("The Aristocrats") is an Italian comic strip series created by Alfredo Castelli and Ferdinando Tacconi.


The comics started in 1973 and it was first published by the comics magazine Il Corriere dei Ragazzi.[1] It features a group of gentlemen thieves who donate to charity the money of their thefts. During their stories they also encountered famous literary and cinematographic characters such as Sherlock Holmes, James Bond or Inspector Clouseau.[2]

The series obtained a moderate success in Italy and was translated in 18 foreign countries.[3] In 1983 it generated a spin-off, Agente Allen, published by Il Giornalino.[1] Gli Aristocratici also appeared, as supporting characters, in a number of stories of Martin Mystère.


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