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Adolescence is a transitional stage of physical and psychological human development that generally occurs during the period from puberty to legal adulthood (age of majority). Most sources state that adolescence begins at puberty and terminates at (legal) adulthood; most cultures define the end of adolescence by the beginning of legal adulthood rather than by biological adulthood or full biological adulthood. Further, at age 18, which is the age of majority in most countries, most people are at full physical development.

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The psionic ability to move or manipulate physical matter without physically touching it, especially over long distances.

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The psionic ability to send or receive thoughts directly into or from other minds. People with this ability can also usually control minds. A person with this ability is called a telepath.

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The ability via psionic or artificial means to transport oneself or other people or objects from one point in space to another without having physically traveled the distance between. A person with this ability is usually called a teleporter.
(See Also: Nightcrawler, Sidewinder or Vanisher)
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Terrigen Mist

A mutagenic, or mutation-causing, substance discovered by the Inhuman scientist Randac. It is potent enough to cause any living organism to mutate from exposure to it, although the Inhumans zealously restrict its use to Inhumans only.

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Thermokinesis is the ability to manipulate heat, encompasing the ability to freeze things or heat things up.


(See Also: Cryokinesis, Pyrokinesis)
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Third Host

The Third Host (or Third Horde)[1] is the third of four test of a given race that has been altered by the enigmatic Celestials.[2]

During the Third Host the Celestials prevent interference by outside influences on the growing civilizations on their experimental worlds.[2]

In the case of Earth, the Celestials confronted the various pantheons of gods, such as the Asgardians, Olympians, and others to not interfere in the lives of their creations or risk having the dimensional connections to their worshippers removed.[2]

(See Also: First Host, Second Host, Fourth Host)

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Thuggee is the term for a particular format for the murder and robbery of travelers in India. As travelers at the time would be part of a caravan, the term Thuggee referred to the killing of a large number of people in a single operation. The modern word "thug" derives from this term. Thugee cultists have been known to operate in the Benares district in Uttar Pradesh, India. Thuggee cults often serve the Hindu death goddess Kali.

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Time Line

Also called reality line. The events of a particular reality that define its history.

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Time Travel

Time travel is the process of leaving the timestream at a given point, traversing through the timeless realm of Limbo for a timeless interval, and re-entering timestream at another point, not having physically aged in transit. Since there are alternate futures, it is not always possible to travel to the same one. Since traveling into the past always affects reality in at least a minute way, one can never physically travel to one's true past, which is by definition the past in its original state, uncomplicated by extra temporal factors.

Limbo is a dimension that is unique in that it exists outside the timestream and thus possesses no time. Reality in Limbo is comprised of a single, ever-changing moment in which everything that ever was, is, and could be coexist. Human beings within Limbo might imagine that time passes there, since they are conditioned to think in such a way, but they cannot age or die there.

There are three possible methods of time travel in the Marvel Universe: a. Time travel machines. b. Magic. c. Personally generated energy. All methods involve generating "chronal displacement inertia" freeing one's chronological position in the timestream (just as escape velocity frees one from Earth's gravitation), skimming through the extra-temporal realm outside the timestream (Limbo), and re-entering the timestream at another chronological position. Because no time exists outside the timestream, the perceived duration of the passage through limbo may be anything from non-existent to an eternity.

The Marvel Universe is part of a multiverse (a system of related universes) which diverge from one another at critical junctures. The act of time travel always produces a critical juncture diverging a new alternate timeline or world at the moment one enters the reality of another time period, past or future of the time period set out from. It creates one timeline where an extratemporal person or element materialized via time travel, and one "virgin" timeline where that person or element did not.

Because it is impossible to travel to the "virgin" timeline, and because divergent timelines are dimensionally displaced from one's root timeline, all time travel actually involves dimensional travel. A time traveler does not truly travel straight backwards or forwards in time, but backwards or forwards and a bit off to the side to a divergent timeline now running parallel to one's timeline of origin. Since this timeline will have been identical to the "virgin" timeline until the moment of divergence, there will be virtually no differences between the two timelines until most time travelers have no reason to be aware that they are not on the "virgin" timeline.

If one travels a second time to an era one has already been to, one will not materialize on the "virgin" timeline nor the timeline diverged by one's previous trip, but a third timeline diverged from one or the other. A time traveler can never travel back to the exact same timeline more than once. Again, since the second and third divergent timelines are identical until the time traveler's arrival, they will be indistinguishable at first.

When one travels a second time to any era in which one already exists, it will be possible to meet a temporal counterpart of one's self already there. A new counterpart diverges into being every single time a time traveler travels to a timeline one already exists in. Subsequently, multiple temporal counterparts could co-exist through multiple time trips to the same time period.

The co-existence of multiple counterparts of the same being on one timeline does not cause time paradoxes. Time paradoxes are only possible in single timeline universes. Altering an incident in the past will indeed affect the future reality of the timeline diverged by the time traveler's presence. One can create any number of different divergences by one's significant actions, the act of time travel being but the first. Whether one will be able to return to the present of the timeline where one did no reality-tampering divergences or one which diverged as a consequence of one's past actions is a function of the means of time travel.

Returning to one's present also creates a divergent reality. If one has been gone any length of time, one may find differences have accumulated in accordance with the length of time one was away. Selective alterations in the present as a consequence of the time traveler's actions in the past do not occur. An alteration in the past will create an entirely new timeline with events proceeding smoothly from the point of divergence. To the denizens of that timeline's "present", the past is a continuous series of events that always happened as they happened. Were one to see selective dematerializations, they would either be caused by something other than the act of time travel unto itself or would be hallucinations.
(See Also: Divergence)
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The multiverse-wide phenomenon that keeps all reality from happening at once.

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The multiverse-wide phenomenon that keeps all reality flowing in the same direction, toward entropy. The timestream is not a literal place.

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Trinitrotoluene, an explosive. The power of high-yield explosives, such as nuclear bombs, is traditionally measured by the megaton, the equivalent of one million tons of TNT.

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Tongue-in-cheek is a figure of speech used to imply that a statement or other production is humorously or otherwise not seriously intended, and it should not be taken at face value. The facial expression typically indicates that one is joking or making a mental effort.[1] In the past, it may also have indicated contempt, but that is no longer common.[2]

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This page uses content from Wikipedia. The original article was at Glossary:T.
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Topical Reference

Due to the nature of the Sliding Timescale in the Marvel Universe, there are numerous references to current events, public figures, and technological advances that given the time of their publications should be considered topical references instead of canonical/historical references. The "Modern Age" of Earth-616 is roughly about 10 years old, however the publication of this era has spanned sixty years. As such certain references greatly age the cast of characters if taken literally.

For example, Fantastic Four #98 depicts a story wherein the Fantastic Four assist the first American lunar landing on the Moon, which happened on July 21, 1969. This would be considered a topical reference. References to this story in Marvel's various Official Handbooks usually no longer specify that this is the Apollo 1 mission, just a "NASA mission to the moon". Whereas, the story in Marvel: The Lost Generation #6 that features the First Line saving the Apollo mission from the Skrulls would be considered canonical in the Marvel Universe as it took place in the year 1969 of Earth-616.

In the year 2001 the terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center was featured heavily in Marvel Publications at the time and was the center of a story in Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #36. However, although a historical event that has a long lasting impression on the United States, given time this too will likely be consigned to a topical reference should Marvel's sliding timescale continue to persist and the "Modern Age" of Heroes remains at it's present status quo.

Another example is the Human Torch and Thing's encounter with the Beatles in Strange Tales #130. The story was originally published in 1965 during the height of the Beatles popularity. This would be considered a topical reference as the Torch and Thing are considered modern age characters.

One of the most common topical reference made in the Earth-616 universe are appearances by the President of the United States. In many stories a president is usually depicted as having their face obscured, or back turned, and are not referenced by name. However, in many other publications the president is fully depicted, and named. For example, appearances of Richard Nixon in Incredible Hulk #119, Gerald Ford in Incredible Hulk #185 and even Barack Obama in Amazing Spider-Man #583 should be considered topical as they all appeared in stories that took place in the "Modern era". Alternatively, stories featuring Franklin Roosevelt that take place during during his presidency should be considered historical to Earth-616 as it took place around World War II and the stories that feature him are considered part of Earth-616's wartime history. As would JFK's appearance in Captain America Vol 5 #50 as it took place during his historical presidency. The various presidents that were featured in the series Marvel: The Lost Generation Vol 1 would also be considered to be historical appearances.
(See Also: Sliding Timescale)
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Trade paperback

A trade paperback (TPB or simply trade) specifically refers to a collection of stories originally published in comic books reprinted in book format, usually capturing one story arc from a single title or a series of stories with a connected story arc or common theme from one or more titles. Traditionally, a trade paperback will reproduce the stories at the same size as they were originally presented in comic book format; recently, however, certain trades have been published in a smaller, "digest"-sized format, similar in size to a paperback novel. This smaller size is intended to appeal to newer generations of American readers whose first exposure to a comic book format was the English-translated reprints of digest-sized Japanese comics, also known as manga. The term graphic novel is sometimes used interchangeably, but many people maintain that the terms are distinct.

(See Also: Graphic novel, Comic book)
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To change in form, appearance, or structure; metamorphose. Look at Puma for example.

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A triploid is a being born with three sets of chromosomes, in opposition with the diploids.[1]

Functional triploids do not occur in human nature.[1]

They are sometimes confused with Mutants.Empty citation (help) 

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A certain humanoid being native to Asgard.

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Tsunami was a failed imprint of Marvel Comics founded in January 2003. Marvel's goal was to create comic books that would appeal to manga readers. Other than in the art, the titles shared little in common, with, for example, Runaways and Sentinels being aimed at children and younger teenagers and Mystique touching on espionage and darker themes better suited for an older audience.

The results were a mixed bag. While New Mutants, Mystique, Runaways and Sentinel earned critical acclaim and a devoted fan following, Human Torch, Namor and Venom were complete flops, with the last surviving to issue 18 only on the back of exceptionally high initial sales. Many comic book fans regarded the entire imprint as a cheap attempt by Marvel Comics to capitalize on the growing popularity of Japanese manga. (though the Marvel Mangaverse was a much more blatant attempt at this)

The imprint was discontinued in late 2003. Mystique was the longest continuously-running survivor - lasting until issue 24 overall, although it was folded into the regular, mainstream Marvel Comics imprint and had a change of writer as part of the X-Men: ReLoad event after issue 13, while New Mutants, also part of ReLoad, was relaunched from issue 1 as New X-Men: Academy X at the same time. Venom and Runaways carried the imprint branding for the longest period, lasting until issue 18, after which Runaways was briefly cancelled before being relaunched as part of the Marvel Next initiative, while Venom was cancelled outright. The other series were cancelled with issue 12.

Since then, Runaways has received a boost from high Digest-sized trade paperback (TPB) sales, which was one of the reasons for its relaunch, while Sentinel was also revived, as a five-issue miniseries, for the same reason. However, Human Torch also received a single digest without signs of revival.

New Mutants received a single standard-size TPB, of its first six issues, as well as complete collections in the same format of its successor series, New X-Men: Academy X, which was revamped shortly after House of M as simply New X-Men. Mystique and Venom were fully collected as standard-size TPBs, but shows no sign of being revived.

Namor has not been collected, nor are there any reports of it being so in the remainder of 2006.


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