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Go Go Amigo
Merrie Melodies (Daffy Duck/Speedy Gonzales) series
Directed by Robert McKimson
Produced by David H. DePatie
Friz Freleng
Story by David Detiege
Voices by Mel Blanc
Gonzales Gonzales
Music by Bill Lava
Animation by Warren Batchelder
Bob Matz
Manny Perez
Layouts by Dick Ung
Backgrounds by George DeLado
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
The Vitaphone Corporation
Release date(s) November 20, 1965
Color process Technicolor
Running time 6'
Language English

Go Go Amigo is a 1965 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Robert McKimson and stars Daffy Duck, Speedy Gonzales, and other mice in a big fight over music at Speedy's 12th birthday party in Mexico.


Tired of the local Mexican villagers crowding around his display window to watch a running TV set, Daffy Duck (this time the owner of El Daffy's Radio and TV) turns it off and declares that, to watch TV, they must come in and buy a set. Meanwhile, in a mousehole in his store, Speedy and his friends are celebrating his birthday. Unfortunately, one thing is missing: music. So Speedy goes into the main storeroom and turns on one of Daffy's radios. Daffy abruptly shuts it off, and thus, Speedy does everything in his power to have fiesta music at his party. With Daffy doing everything he can to stop him, even if it means going to the local radio station and holding up the radio DJ at gunpoint, forcing him to play bad Bill Lava music! Speedy races to the radio station and subdues Daffy by tying him up on a record player.

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