The Godwheel is one of the concepts of the Malibu Comics Ultraverse. While it lent its name to a 1994/1995 four-issue series, the Godwheel is actually the place of origin of quite a few Ultraverse concepts, characters and significant items that predate that series. It has even been retconned as a place where both Rune of the Ultraverse and Adam Warlock of the main Marvel Universe lived in the distant past.


Much information about the Godwheel is detailed in the Godwheel limited series #1. It is disc-shaped, with an inner core 30000000 miles wide. Inside this core, shielded mostly by immensely high cliffs, are two binary suns which provide a measure of heat and light to the wheel.

It is 400000000 miles from the cliffs to the edge of the wheel. Innumerable billions of entities live on the wheel's surface, and multiple other planetary bodies are seen 'around' the Godwheel. Structurally, the wheel can be considered similar to an Alderson disk.


It has very rarely been explored; only a few locations are seen in the Godwheel limited series, as various Earth Ultras explore it to gain powerful relics.

A rocky realm of cliffs and forests is called 'Aerwa' and is said to be the source of all magic. This is where the heroine Flygirl dies in battle against Lord Pumpkin. Even the underside of the Godwheel is inhabited; it is called Techtopia and is filled with all manner of machinery and life. In issue #3, a spot at the base of the inner rim is seen, within which is an inhabited primitive village heated by firepits.

It was the place of origin for Lord Pumpkin and the addictive Zuke plants.

The Entity

Ultraverse Future Shock also implies that it is the origin of the spaceship that became The Entity, thus tying together the two main sources of Ultras in the Ultraverse.

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