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Golden Age

Golden Age
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The Golden Age of Comic Books was a period beginning in 1938 and ended in the mid '50s. During this era, comic books became more popular, with the concept of superhero created and firmly established. Many famous heroes made their first appearance in the Golden Age, such as Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern.

Superman Debuts!

Superman Debuts!

The era was kickstarted by the publishing of Action Comics #1 in June, 1938, which featured the first appearance of Superman and the superhero. Superman became extremely popular. Soon, superheroes dominate the pages of comic books from both DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Fawcett Comics.

The Second World War had a prefound effect on the Golden Age. Comic books became known as cheap and portable sources of good triumphing over evil. War bonds were advertised on comics covers and covers were argubly full of propoganda.

The era ended in the mid '50s, with the release of more gritty stories by many companies, the cancellation of long running series such as the Justice Society of America, and the publishing of Seduction of the Innocent, by Dr. Fredric Wertham, who argued that superhero comic books led to juvenile deliquency. After this, the silver age began.


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