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Goldimouse and the Three Cats is a 1960 cartoon directed by Friz Freleng. It stars Sylvester, and his son, Sylvester Junior.


Sylvester Cat heads a household family which consists of his wife and their son Junior. In a clear parody of "Goldilocks", Goldimouse comes to there house looking for porridge while they are out for a walk, and they attempt to catch her.


Sylvester the cat, his wife, and his spoiled-rotten son Junior go for a walk while their porridge cools. Blonde-haired Goldimouse enters their empty house. The story is mostly the same, until Junior demands that his father catch the mouse, in order prove his worth. All of Sylvester's strategies fail spectacularly, forcing Mrs. Sylvester and Junior to take refuge in their bomb shelter next to them. Though Goldimouse manages to escape Sylvester's wrath, bratty Junior isn't as lucky, and the porridge doesn't end up on the best of spots.


One of the running gags in this short is that Junior will always shout "mother!" when his father gets injured.then the mother will walk in and say "I'll get the bandages!"

This is one of the few cartoons that Sylvester Jr. appears in that doesn't feature Hippety Hopper (Although the later cartoons in the series, didn't have Hippety either). It is also one of the few not to directed by Robert McKimson.