Goliath, in comics, may refer to:

  • Marvel Comics characters:
    • Henry Pym, was the first to adopt the name Goliath and has also gone by Giant-Man, Ant-Man, and Yellowjacket.
    • Clint Barton, is better known as the superhero Hawkeye; he used Henry Pym's size-changing gas to adopt the Goliath identity.
    • Bill Foster, Pym's lab assistant who used the Goliath identity before his death. He had an equally brief career as the Black Goliath and Giant Man.
    • Erik Josten was originally known as the supervillain Power Man. He adopted the superheroic identity of Atlas upon joining the Thunderbolts.
    • Tom Foster, Bill Foster's nephew, a student at MIT, worked to crack the Pym Particle code and become the new Goliath after his uncle's death.
  • Goliath (Amalgam Comics), a fictional Amalgam Comics superhero
  • Goliath, a character who appeared in both the Marvel and Slave Labor Graphics series of Gargoyles.[1]

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