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Gonzales' Tamales is a 1957 Looney Tunes cartoon.


The majority of male mice in a Mexican village lament the fact that Speedy Gonzales has been getting in between them and the "pretty girls ." One of the mice suggests that they get the "gringo pussycat" Sylvester to chase Speedy out of town. The mice forge a note from Speedy, stating that he will pull Sylvester's tail out by the roots, which Speedy happily does when confronted by the cat. In trying to get Speedy, Sylvester first uses a shotgun and then a hand grenade; with the usual disastrous results. Speedy, however, falls for the cat's final attempt: A wind-up doll. With Sylvester hot on his feet, Speedy grabs the wind-up toy, and takes refuge in a box of red hot peppers; forcing the hungry pussycat to swallow them one by one in order to find the resourceful rodent. In between each ingestion of pepper, Sylvester runs to a nearby water cooler for relief. On his last trip to the cooler, he fails to notice that Speedy has substituted the water for tabasco sauce; which sends the cat high into the horizon.


  • When this cartoon aired on Nickelodeon, a rather innocuous part where Sylvester says, "I'll get you if I have to eat every one of these things" as he's trying to find Speedy Gonzales in a box of chili peppers was cut.
  • On CBS, the two times Sylvester gets blown up (by a disembodied bullet and a hand grenade, respectively) was cut to remove Sylvester's appearance after the smoke clears.


This short has a reference to marijuana. When Speedy sings La Cucaracha, the lyrics include the line "...marijuana par fumar".

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