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Real Name
Mortimer (unknown if last name or first name)
Current Alias
"Doctor Mortimer"
Susan (wife, deceased)
Base Of Operations
A base on Angor's Moon, formerly Slovekia in Eastern Europe (on Earth-8)

Unusual Features
His secondary form has a set of tentacles ending in mouths growing out of his head,
Marital Status
Scientist, terrorist
Unknown, but at least a university graduate
A scientist who began experimenting on himself, giving himself the ability to turn into a tentacled monster.
First appearance


A scientist researching mutation at the Experiment House in New York, Dr. Mortimer lived for his research and his beautiful wife Susan. His main subject was a mutation which would cause an organism, when threatened, to develop a fearsome secondary form, along with a new personality to make it attack. His world was secure until the arrival of Dr. Leonard Grant, alias the hero known as Wandjina. As his wife began spending more and more time with Grant, Mortimer slipped into depression and feelings of inadequacy. Finally, when in a telephone message his wife referred to Grant as "Lenny", Mortimer blacked out for an extended period, only to come home and discover his wife dead. Blaming Grant, he took on a fearsome red form with four strong tentacles. He would become the Gorgon and attacked Experiment House, but he was met by Lord Havok, who told him that he was incorrect. Grant was a homosexual, interested in Susan only as a friend, and Susan had been killed by Mortimer himself, under the influence of his deadlier, monstrous persona.[1]

When Lord Havok formed the Extremists, Gorgon was recruited as his eyes and ears within the scientific establishment, as he nursed his grudge against Wandjina. This state of affairs continued until around the time Monarch began assembling his army, when events forced the Extremists into the open. Gorgon fought Wandjina - only to be swiftly knocked back by the hero's axe. He was captured by the Meta Militia, but almost immediately escaped, and was able to defeat and kill the now powerless Wandjina by devouring him. He followed Lord Havok into the Monarch's Army, and out of it again afterwards. Presently he and his fellow Extremists are poised to conquer the Multiverse.[2]

Character Powers and Equipment

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Unique Physiology: Mortimer has the power to switch between his normal human form and a second, more monstrous form with tentacles growing out of its head. Each of the tentacles ends in a mouth of sharp teeth and has impressive strength


Mortimer is a skilled biologist, expert in manipulating the systems of his research subjects with concoctions


In his normal form, Mortimer has very little physical strength. In addition, he cannot gain mass when he switches between forms, so when he becomes a monster, he actually shrinks

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  • Around the time that Monarch began recruiting his army, Gorgon began keeping a diary. It is unknown if he continued to keep it.[1]
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