Quote1.png I'll be direct. There have been many women in Bruce Wayne's life, but only two he has truly loved -- you and I. It is inevitable that his enemies will strike at him through us. They will do everything within theiir power to make us betray him. Therefore, I offer you a gift, Selina. The method of burying the knowledge of his dual identity so deeply that no coercion will force out the truth. For even with his eventual death, there are secrets of the Batman that must remain forever untold. Quote2.png
-- Talia al Ghul

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Synopsis for "Girls Talk"Edit

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  • This issue features Hush surgically altered to look like Bruce Wayne, a development that happened during Heart of Hush.[1] Hush mentions a vendetta against Catwoman, Harley and Ivy for their parts in wiping out his family fortune.[2]


  • Catwoman is shown to have her memory of Batman's secret identity wiped by Talia al Ghul in this issue. Bruce Wayne originally revealed this secret to her during the events of Hush.[3]

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